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Frequently Asked Questions

questionDo you take out large trees?

A)  No. Large trees are a job for a professional arborist. Besides, I dont like heights. Small trees are ok.

questionI have a dog. Is that a problem?

A)  No, I like dogs. However, if I'm going to mow your lawn, please ensure that all your dogs landmines have been cleared before I get there. Dog poop is a health hazard and I'm sure you don't it flying about all over your property. The same goes for kids toys, stones, rubble, wire, etc. I will not be held liable for any property damage caused by any loose items left lying around in your lawns and becoming a projectile. Likewise, any damage  to my equipment caused through loose items left in lawns will be charged for. Also, for safety reasons please ensure that pets and children are not present in the working area.

questionDo you take away rubbish?

A) Yes and no. If it's just grass clippings etc, you're better off to put them in either a compost bin or compost heap, or if you have one, a council green waste bin. If those options won't work for you I can bag them and take them away for a small charge.
If you need a big garden clean up, it's not always cost effective for you to pay
me to take the rubbish away. (tip fees are exorbitant). You are better off to hire a commercial bin (skip), I'll fill it up and let the skip company take it away. It's easier, quicker, and lighter on your wallet.

questionDo you do landscaping?

A) Small jobs yes. Major jobs no. The professional landscaping companies will get the job done much quicker than I could do it. They have the right machinery to make molehills out of mountains!

questionHow far will you travel?

A) I service Pakenham and the surrounding districts. Officer, Beaconsfield, Berwick etc. 

questionWhat type of properties do you service?

A) I service all types of residential and commercial properties. Ride on mowing and slashing services are available.

Residential properties include nature strips, units, small, medium and large surburban lots, lifestyle properties and vacant blocks.

Commercial properties include corporate lots, factories, schools, offices, medical centres, function centres, parks etc.

questionHow do I pay you?

A) Cash on the day or by prior arrangement, direct deposit. You can also pay me with your credit card by using  your PayPal account.  No cheques.     

questionWhat's the difference between being a regular scheduled client, a casual client and a one off customer?

A)  Clients on an agreed regular mowing schedule are considered to be priority customers. When adverse weather conditions or other outside factors affect mowing schedules your job will take priority over casual or one off clients. It's only fair.

Phone 5940 5929  or mobile: 0425 778 927  or email: robertcarr8@bigpond.com

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